Binder, your new digital shoebox

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What is Binder?

Binder is a desktop app for file organization. With it you create "binders" that you add files to and organize with tags.

Why tags?

Files in Binder can be placed in multiple tags at once, and tags can be arranged into trees, where the parent tag shows all the files in the children, making it easy to organize, search, and browse your files that don't fall neatly into any one single folder name.

Built-in image viewer

You can view your images with our built-in viewer, and export anything else out to open in other apps.

Built-in viewers for PDFs, videos, text documents, etc are underway.

Bring your own cloud

Binder uses our custom database engine, Nucleus2, which synchronizes your binders through the file system. Just create a binder in your shared folder, and connect to it on your other computers.

No account with us required :)

Kick the tires

Binder is available under an indefinite free trial period, so you don't have to worry about time running out before you get a chance to really try it out.